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Sublevel 28 - The Au Refuge

The AU AU!

Sublevel 28
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>Players can find more info here subtalk

>Stargate Roleplay... The AU AU!

>Some of the threads in this community may be restricted to NC-17. Notice is given if it the case.

>Affiliate Communites:

>Several people have requested information on how to join into our game. A few have thought that having MSN or AIM is enough. It is not.
For many reasons we have locked up this community. If you do wish to be considered though, please provide us with the following.

~Who you are in LJ, and Aim/MSN [contact information is essential]
~If you have any previous RPing experience we’d love to see where you played!
~Your age. This is a slashy community [at times], therefore you should be of the legal age in the country you are in [‘NC-17’ means the same as ‘18’ in The UK - duh].
~A little about you.

~Who you plan to be – If it is a canon character [i.e. from the show]
~If you want to try joining up with an OC then you must tell us about this person.
~If they have an LJ already, what is it? [Don’t create one just to show us - we may say no]
~Who they are, how they fit into the SG world etc.
~Background information on them that you think is relevant to the request.

>~NB~ This is not an application form as such. It is however an indicator of who wants to play here.
If we do invite you into the community, then there will be a trial period.

>To contact us email us at sublevel_28[at]fragilebalance.com [do not comment in our LJ’s, this is where we should be contacted if you want anything]

>I’m assuming anyone that applies has read sublevel 28 at least. We have a small website with bios for most of the characters. If you do not know what sublevel 28 is about, please don’t apply. If you’ve read it and still have questions, then you may send us an e-mail.

>Please do not send an e-mail which reads something like “Can you tell me how to join?” or “I would like to know more about the community!!” They will be deleted.

>Reasons for the new rules? Simple. The founders of the community are good friends; the members of the community are friends. We all know each other fairly well. But even friends can have fallings out, and usually it’s when new people arrive. This has made us reluctant to add new people. It has nothing to do with you personally! If adding someone new means destabilization within, then it’s not worth it.

>>We want to have fun, and feel safe. We want our community members to feel the same waytoo!